Jewellery repairs are a highly specialised service.


We mend your jewellery with care in our local workshop. Some repairs take place at our shop, but most of the time we need specialised tools and equipment. We know you love your jewellery, and that is why items never leave our care - Items are fully insured and taken by hand to and from our local workshop where our team of jewellers, watch and clock makers repair your items for you in house. 


From ring sizing or simple chain repairs, to complex bespoke handmade items of your own specific design, we offer a fully insured gold, platinum and silver jewellery repair service.

A ring that is too tight on a ladies hand
Broken silver chain waiting to be repired
Old broken and tarnished jewellery waiting to be repaired
Gold bangle being repaired at our jewellery repair shop in Ramsey Cambrigeshire

Just because something is broken, doesn't mean its ruined. Practically everything can be repaired, and the cost to do so is often much less that you'd imagine - far less than the cost to replace it!


If it's not something particularly precious to you though, and you don't want to have it repaired, ask about our jewellery recycling. We can purchase the item from you for the metal price.

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TOO TIGHT?                  SNAPPED?                  DIRTY?



Watch batteries and watch straps can be changed in minutes for you. Simply pop into the shop, choose from our selection of leather straps and we will change it whilst you wait. We can also replace batteries in Calculators, Car key fobs and clocks.

A man fixin a watch and fitting a new battery at our jewellers in Ramsey Cambridgeshire
Man fixing a grandfather clock at our shop near St. Ives in Cambridgeshire

At Underwoods, we have a full watch maintenance and repair service available.  We service all makes and models of watches and pocket watches to make sure that they keep running smoothly. For watches that have broken down, our watchmaker can replace the broken parts for you at genuinely competitive prices.   


Our clockmaker repairs antique and modern clocks in his local workshop. Clock servicing to keep your timepiece running, or repairing and replacing parts that are worn or broken is not a problem. We repair all clocks from small carriage clocks through to grandfather clocks in situ.


Feel free to bring any of your items in for a free quote.



We engrave all kinds of things at Underwoods. We can make and engrave Medic Alert bracelets, dog tags, trophies, medals, the inside and outside of rings, cufflinks, tankards and watches etc. If it is made of metal, then usually it can be personalised. We use the latest technology and can even engrave photographs onto items for you.

A shield trophy which we sel and enrave at our shop in Ramsey in Cambidgeshire


Underwoods offers a choice of two jewellery valuation packages to meet your requirements. Valuations can be made for insurance purposes, probate, investments or just peace of mind.


Our In House valuation service is undertaken by our jeweller. Your items are fully appraised, stones measured and qualified, detailed notes and photographs are taken and a record kept on file. We issue you with a schedule for insurance documenting the items replacement value at the date we appraised them. In the event of a loss, precious items can then be replaced with similar through your household insurance company. 








In addition to this, any items that you purchase at Underwoods can be insured through March Guard - a simple and immediate Jewellery and Watch Insurance that gives you peace of mind from the moment you walk out of our shop. There are two schemes available for either 1 or 3 years covering up to £5000 per item without any excess. Simple and straightforward to set up, ask for details from any of our staff.

Banner with Safeguard logo who we use to do our jewellery valuations at our shop in Ramsey in Cambidgeshire

For Watches and more unusual jewellery items, we are pleased to offer a premium level of valuation through SafeGuard. We will be happy to advise you of the most appropriate level of valuation, and the most cost effective. 



Underwoods can gently clean and polish your jewellery. Daily wear can build up hard to shift dirt or you could find that your beloved items have tarnished. To give a real sparkle and shine we can clean your items ultrasonically and then buff them up for you so that they gleam again. For day to day cleaning, why not try one of our dips or cloths for sale in store.


Most people don't know that 9ct & 18ct White Gold jewellery is plated with rhodium. These items gradually lose their brilliance due to wear over the years and can sometimes start to look a little yellow. We can remedy this by polishing and re rhodium plating your jewellery, and have it looking brand new again.


Buy Sell Scrap Gold Silver ramsey peterborough whittlesey upwood huntingdon somersham st. ives warboys chatteris march


Do you have a jewellery box full of broken chains, odd earrings, stoneless rings and other unwanted or broken gold, silver or platinum items? We will can purchase your unwanted jewellery and recycle it for you. Whether it's just one tiny earring or a collection of sovereigns - Feel free to pop into the shop for a purchase price. Identification will be required.

Gold Krugerrands and Sovereigns and guineas bought from th general public at our shop in Ramsey in Cambidgeshire
Scrap Gold ad Silver that we buy at our shop in Ramsey in Cambidgeshire

Maybe you have inherited some precious items that you don't want to part with, but are not to your taste.


Rather than keep them in a jewellery box, we can use these items to create something to your own design, keeping the same stones and metal and sentiment within them.



Cufflinks, earrings, rings, pendants, brooches and many other things can be handmade to your own design in our local workshop. As you are supplying the metal & stones, you will be happily surprised how cost effective this is.


We also buy and sell Sovereigns, Krugerrands and other Gold and Silver Currency - Even gold teeth! Please ask for more information.



A pearl necklace being restrung and knotted at our shop in Ramsey in Cambidgeshire
A broken pearl bracelet waitin to be repaired

Underwoods offers a full stringing service. We can string and knot pearls, beads, crystals and stones on silk or other materials as requested and give them a thorough clean whilst we are at it to bring them back to their former glory.


We can replace clasps, shorten or add extra length or fit safety chains.


We have access to thousands of pearls and semi precious beads and crystals so why not have something created for you to match that dress for a special occasion. Please ask for more information. 


As you can see, even complex designs can be fixed!


A repaired pearl bracelet demonstrating our restringing services at our shop in Ramsey in Cambidgeshire



Underwoods offers a local pick up and delivery service to those with extra mobility needs in the wider Ramsey area. Rather than you having to get a friend or relative to bring in your jewellery or watch for repair and explain what needs to be done, we can collect it, repair it and then deliver it back to you. Maybe you would like to order a gift or treat yourself, but can't get to the shop. Please ask your carer to get in touch with us, and we can make a home appointment with you. 


If you run or manage a Care or Residential Home in the Ramsey area and aren't yet taking advantage of this free service then please get in touch. We make trips once a week to provide this service for your residents. Things as simple as replacement watch batteries, sizing or cutting off rings up to more complex jewellery repairs. There is no extra charge for this assistance. If you would be interested in this service please call us on 01487 814698 to discuss your needs.