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With hundreds of Gold and Silver items in stock, and access to 1000's of designs, we are positive you will find exactly what you need at a most competitive price. 


Maybe you have an exact design in mind, or do you have items you would like remodelled? We pride ourselves on our bespoke jewellery service which can be tailor made for every budget.


Whether it's a handmade diamond engagement ring or a pair of tiny stud earrings, there is something for everyone at Underwoods. 


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A stack of rings from our range of Gold Diamond and Precious Stone Jewellery
Bespoke Hand made wedding ring

Can't find a perfect match your ring?


Have a ring hand made to fit yours for your special day. Our personal design service, with attention to detail, will hand craft one just for you.

Bespoke jewellery is our speciality here at Underwoods.

Whether you've lost an earring, want a stone made into a pendant, want to preserve the sentiment of several inherited items into a remodelled piece, our designers can help.

Personal Design Services

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