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two types of caflon system we use to pierce ears at our shop in Ramsey Cambidgeshire

We use the highest quality, one click piercing device manufactured by the British Caflon System.


We have 2 qualified ear piercers at Underwoods who have both undertaken a rigorous training programme. They are both qualified and licensed by Huntingdonshire District Council to pierce ears from 6 months of age. All our studs are made from Medical Grade hypoallergenic materials for your safety and assurance.



Image of a girl having her ears pierced at our jewellery shop in Ramsey cambridgeshire
Girl happy with her ruby earrings that were used to pierce her ears

We like to give our customers choice, and therefore we have 2 types of piercing service:


Caflon Blu - £18.50 

Surgical grade, 24 carat gold plated stainless steel studs, which are the industry standard. No appointment is needed as we keep a large selection of studs in stock at all times. 


Caflon Safetec - £50.00

Solid 9ct gold studs, a special system designed for Jewellers. Must be booked in advance. 

Ear lobe (up to 3 holes) and cartilage piercing 

No Appointment Necessary - Just pop in!

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